Project heart little boy with scar
Project Heart little girl right after open heart surgery
Young teen girl with scar!  Women empowerment
Little girl right after open heart surgery in the hospital
little boy with beads of courage across his chest scar
little boy pointing at scar on chest
mom and dad looking at their son before open heart surgery in the hospital
Young boy looking at scar
little girl with oxygen after surgery
Adult CHD women with scar down chest
baby boy smiles with scar on his chest
little girl with big muscles
Little boy showing his chest scar
little boy with scar waiting on a heart transplant
Little girl right after surgery taking a drink of water in the hospital
little girl with glasses showing off chest scar
Heart Transplant recipient looking at his scar
Little girl showing her heart zipper
curly haired little girl showing chest scar right after surgery
Young boy smiling with chest scar

Your Scars are someones sign of HOPE

I am a Heart Mom of a 8 year old little boy named Jason. Click Here to read more about our Journey.

Did you know that CHD is the most Common Birth Defect world wide? Did you know that 1 in 100 children are born with a Congenital Heart Disease and there is NO CURE?

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